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Upcoming dates to remember:

Report Cards coming soon!

November 25-27th, Thanksgiving Vacation- No School.

December 17th, Thursday- Centennial Holiday Program (Updated)

Annual Holiday Program- updated

Centennial students will have their annual Holiday Program on December 17th, Thursday at 7 pm- Please Come!music

Grand Encampment Photos

Encampment Museum small

Amazing photos taken by Bob Ort  at  Grand Encampment, Wyoming! 

  Encampment History birds eye view small

Encampment for the fearless smallOur fearless students travelled up the steps on the old tram that used to stretch for 16 miles and carried almost a 1000 tons of copper ore to Encampment each day for smelting.

Encampment two story outhouse smallA unique feature of Encampment is the 2 story outhouse!

Bountiful Harvest Update—-

Greenhouses at Centennial School
Beautiful BountyBefore!All hard at work on the greenhouseBud is hard at work.Amazing plants for Centennial's greenhouse

Bountiful Supper is ready smallAfter:

Look at all those lovely veggies!  Ready for the hungry crowd!  Centennial Students harvested the veggies from the garden and greenhouse then dinner was cooked for the Parents and Community.

crowd at the harvest small  Bountiful Harvest Community Get together small

Lunch Menus

student lunch

Hot Lunch Menu for Centennial Students is now available, 

Please click on the link below to view the whole month of meals.

C’s October 2015 Lunch Menu

November 2015 Lunch Menu