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All School Field Trip Friday 9/9

We will be leaving for Cheyenne on Friday Sept 9th at 9:00am to view Shakespeare’s’ First Folio . Our tour in Cheyenne will start at 10:00am and after our tour we will eat sack lunches in the park by the capital then be home at 1:00pm. Once we are back we will dismiss for the day.

First Day of School!!

Thursday Aug 25th @ 7:55 AM we will be excited to see all of the WHS student body as we get our year kicked off


We are changing our bell schedule this year to align better with the rest of the ACSD #1 community. Whiting High School will start one hour later starting in the fall of 2016. This opportunity to change our schedule also provided us with a few other promising incentives. For students that are in need of credit recovery opportunities Whiting will offer classes in the morning ( Zero Hour) to help students stay on track to graduate. We also hope that this change in the schedule will help with student attendance to provide a little more time for students in the morning. With this change we will still offer transportation to those that need it as well as Breakfast service to all of our students.

Zero Hour      7:55-8:45

1st Hour         8:50-9:40

2nd Hour       9:43-10:33

3rd Hour       10:36-11:26

Lunch             11:26-12:11

4th Hour        12:11-1:01

5th Hour        1:04-154

6th Hour        1:57-2:47

7th Hour        2:50-3:40

Dual Immersion Information

Information about ACSD#1 Dual Immersion can now be found online at:

Parent Teacher Conferences

Whiting High School will be hosting Parent Teacher Conferences on October 19th and 20th. With our high number of students this year there will be opportunities for families to meet outside of the normal dates and times for Parent Teacher Conferences, Please call for more information.

Health Services

Medical Forms & Medicine at School Procedures

Procedure for Administration of Student Medication




New Whiting High School Student Application

Please contact Whiting High School (307-721-4449) with any questions about the student application or the application process.

WHS Application: updated 12/2014